Tasha Fierce

Tasha Fierce is an infinite being. They are also: a crazy fat queer disabled nonbinary femme, a Black feminist, a writer, an artist, a facilitator, an activist, a gardener, an anarchist, a witch, a  doula , a lover of shadow, and an intermittent ray of light currently residing in the occupied Tongva territory known as Los Angeles. Their essays have been published in White Riot: Punk Rock and the Politics of Race and Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love, and Fashion, as well as Bitch, EBONY.com, Bitch Planet and other publications. Their fiction appears in the anthology Nothing Without Us by Renaissance Press. You can learn more about their work by visiting their website at tashafierce.com or by following @tashajfierce on FB/Insta/Twitter.


Pronouns: they/them/the divine feminine

Edi Zermeno

Edi Zermeno is a Southern Cali artist + gardener. Her interests include decolonized healing and native plants. They are Mexicanx/nonbinary/transfemme and garden in zone 9b. You can learn more about Edi and her work by following them at @edi_zermeno on Instagram.

Pronouns: she/her/they

Jen Venegas

Jen Venegas identifies as a mixed Chicana, queer non-binary femme, inbetweenie fat person, and a radical feminist. They care about intersectionality politics and uplifting and centering those of us at the bottom socially, because when those at the bottom are free from oppression, the rest of us will be too. Until then, they’ll be figuring out how to live their day to day life and educating others.

You can learn more about Jen’s work by visiting their website at skinnedknees.net or following @skinnedkneesnet on Instagram.


Pronouns: they/them/theirs